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written for @aryaxgendryweek day 2 - protect

gendry’s never been charming.  not ever, not once.  it’s a miracle, frankly, that he won his games because he was the most unlikable bastard in the ring, that’s what everyone had told him.  “you won because you’re strong, and because your clever,” varys had told him during the victor’s interview, “do you have anything to say to all of the sponsors who didn’t send you help?”

gendry hadn’t responded.  he hadn’t known what to say.  he’d just glared into the camera, and varys had laughed, and made some comment about how the arena hadn’t changed him.

the arena had changed him.  he had dreams still, of lommy greenhands and his compound fracture and the way he’d died screaming that he yielded, of the way that dunsen had stolen his fucking helmet within the first two days, of being so hungry that he’d dug bugs out of the earth and watched as the muscles that steel-working had given him faded into next to nothing.

the arena had changed him, but he didn’t show that change to anyone.

and the arena changes him again now, even though it’s been seven years, even though he’d promised himself he’d never get invested in any of the other tributes because they’re all calves for slaughter anyway.  it changes him because for the first time in his life, he needs to be charming.

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valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl: written for @aryaxgendryw
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written for @aryaxgendryweek day 1 - jealousy

she’s the last one to make it home.  her sister, her crippled brother, her bastard brother–they had all made it to winterfell before arya had, and when arya leaps from the back of her wolf and pelts herself into her older brother’s arms, clinging to his doublet and holding him so tightly while he buries his face in her hair, gendry feels ill.

he shouldn’t.  he shouldn’t feel ill.  jon’s her brother, after all, and she loved him.  it’s all she’d been able to speak of through the winter winds whipping at their face, just as she’d only been able to speak of robb in the riverlands in autumn.  jon snow had brought a sparkle to her eye, and a hope to her voice that gendry…

he’d thought he was special.  he’d thought he was different.

and when she’d hugged him when they’d first reunited, he’d truly believed it, truly felt it.  she didn’t hug anyone that way, she didn’t care for anyone else that way.  he was her dearest friend, her best friend.

but he’s nothing, nothing, compared to jon snow.  he can see that.  he can see from the way that arya’s wrapped her arms around jon’s neck, and he’s twirling her about, and he can see the expression of sheer bliss that covers her face.  she’d never looked so blissful with him.

of course not stupid, he’s her brother. 

what am i?

gendry looks away.  he looks at the flock of wolves that arya had shepherded north on the back of her own hell bitch, he looks at nymeria, who is rolling like a playful pup in the snow with a white direwolf, he looks at the grey walls of winterfell, that they’d finally reached after so very long.

this isn’t my place, he thinks.  it never was going to be.  he’s never had a place.  he thought he had.  he thought he’d had a place in her heart.  and he does.  but not the one i wanted.

he looks at the gates of the castle.  he could leave.  could find somewhere new to be.  he’s a knight, and…but no.  no, the idea of leaving her is even more unbearable than the idea of her loving jon snow more than she could ever love him.

“gendry!” arya calls, and his head snaps back around.  she’s not hugging jon anymore, and her hair is a mess, and her silver eyes are sparkling.  “come meet jon.”

and who is he to deny her anything?  so he trudges through the snow, knowing that there’s a great big glower on his face, and he doesn’t bloody care.

“jon,” arya says, “this is my friend gendry. he–” but she stops and she looks at him, and he looks back.  her eyes are still bright from her joy at seeing jon, but the laughter has faded from her face.  he watches as her eyes–they don’t go dull, but they do go something else.  not dark, but deep.  she swallows.  twice.  and gendry says, not looking away,

“she saved my life.  several times.”

but arya’s shaking her head, shaking it hard, as if it’s not true.  “thank you,” she whispers, and suddenly her arm are around him again, squeezing him tightly.  “thank you for coming with me.  for being my pack.”

he doesn’t know what to say to that.  he doesn’t have any idea.  but for the first time, he lets himself look at jon snow, standing there hands at his side, with arya’s long face and dark eyes, and he sees guarded curiosity there–and gratitude as well. 

Fic: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Robb/Roslin)
Originally posted by westeros_madame at Fic: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Robb/Roslin)
For: leapylion3
Prompt fulfilled: Robb/Roslin - On their wedding night, Robb expects Roslin to be shy, bashful and self-conscious, but she ends up topping the hell out of him. (He loves every second of it.) (You have my heart and soul if Roslin sits on his face at some point, and my kingdom for her tying Robb's wrists to the bedpost.)

Title: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Author: crossingwinter
Pairing: Robb/Roslin
Canon: Books
Consent Level: Consensual
Length: 3,000ish
Summary: She’s not a lamb, she’s not!

Wolf in Sheep's ClothingCollapse )

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However, I am going to try and keep things mildly organized here? Since I aim to participate in stuff based here? So yeah. I'll share things that I write/are made for me where possible. The ones that don't allow sharing I will store in the memories under the tags: my fic and things for me. If you care. Which you might? You also might not.

Fic: Kissing Her Silent (Jon/Asha)
Originally posted by westeros_madame at Fic: Kissing Her Silent (Jon/Asha)
For: alterrhode
Prompt fulfilled: Jon with anyone chick NOT Sansa or Dany.

Title: Kissing Her Silent
Author: crossingwinter
Pairing: Jon x Asha
Canon: Book Canon
Consent Level: Consensual
Length: 1,642
Summary: He would kiss her silent, and he would kiss her loud.

Kissing Her SilentCollapse )


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